From Chemistry to UX with some Executive Search in between...

Hello! My name is Ismaaeel but my friends call me Ishy, feel free to do the same!

My journey into User Experience (UX) is one that unknowingly started when I was a child where I developed an inquisitive mindset, questioning everything within our bodies and our surroundings. This led to the sciences becoming my favourite subjects & eventually graduating with a degree in Chemistry & Business Studies from The University of Warwick. Here, I enjoyed adopting a hands-on approach to learning through laboratory work and undertaking projects in highly collaborative groups. It was also at University, whilst studying a “Design In Business” module, where I came across the concepts of Design Thinking, adopting a User-Centred approach to design and the Design Council’s Double Diamond model. Following on from this, I became intrigued by what job opportunities pertain to these concepts and felt that the critical thinking and problem-solving aspects of user-centric design mutually benefitted the analytical and detail-oriented nature of my scientific background.

Upon graduating, a brief stint in Executive Search allowed me to develop sufficient stakeholder-management, communication and interpersonal skills whilst liaising with both clients and candidates. My responsibilities included conducting interviews and meetings to understand the motivations and goals of both parties.

So why did I transition into the captivating field of UX? Well it's consultative, collaborative and more importantly for me, entails a hands-on, significant approach to creativity. My inquisitive mindset has extended towards the digital world and I am keen to stay involved in understanding user behaviours, creating seamless user experiences for them and adding design to my arsenal of problem-solving tools.

Away from UX, I like to keep fit and healthy by regularly attending the gym. I've played sports my whole life with my main interests being football and basketball. I also like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion by regularly reading magazines such as GQ, Esquire & British Vogue. Finally, I enjoy attending live music gigs across genres such as Hip Hop, Grime, RnB, Afrobeats and Jazz - I just love the atmospheres!