Ismaaeel Kuku




3-week design sprint working in a group of 4 for MedicSpot (on behalf of General Assembly), a telemedicine company, re-designing the doctor interface that would be used by the doctors when conducting consultations. This was a real-life client project where our objective was to improve the user experience of doctors working for MedicSpot. The challenge was to help doctors access information quickly, enabling them to complete the necessary documents required and take appropriate action from the same screen. My group and I were able to solve both the user and the business goals using user research techniques and collaborating with the key stakeholders in the design phase to develop an intuitive solution. The re-design of the interface enables doctors to stay engaged with the patient during consultations, adhere to clinical governance policies and significantly reduces the time taken to create referral letters and sick notes. MedicSpot have confirmed that they will be implementing our new design onto their system.



The Design Museum

2-week design sprint working in a group of 4 where we had to create a responsive website (adopting the mobile first approach) for The Design Museum to increase learning and engagement within their permanent display, “Designer Maker User”. Alongside other user research techniques, we undertook a contextual inquiry to gain a deeper understanding of user behaviours within the exhibition environment, increasing our empathy towards them. Once our research was synthesised, we developed relevant personas, corresponding user flows & solutions for the defined problems. This resulted in the creation of a clickable, high-fidelity prototype which helps users receive more information about a particular item of interest and keep track of displays that they discover on their trip to this exhibition. The prototype received favourable feedback upon testing it with users at the exhibition.